The full text of the book “ANTONIO DE NOLI AND THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW WORLD DISCOVERIES” has been published  on-line by Libertarian Books – Sweden.

Antonio de Noli & The Beginning Of The New World Discoveries

Also, a printed Italian version of the book with the title “Da Noli a Capo Verde” (From Noli to Cape Verde), Editor Prof. Alberto Peluffo, has been published by Marco Sabatelli Editore, Savona, Italy.  ISBN 9788888449821

Astengo C, Balla M., Brigati I., Ferrada de Noli M., Gomes L., Hall T., Pires V., Rosetti C. Da Noli a Capo Verde. Antonio de Noli e l’inizio delle scoperte del Nuovo Mondo. Editor Prof. Alberto Peluffo. Marco Sabatelli Editore. (Italy) 2013. ISBN 9788888449821

For the Italian version (Editor Prof. Alberto Peluffo), go here:

Foreword by the Mayor of the City of Noli

Translation by Prof. Alberto Peluffo

In 2010 a panel of international experts commemorated the 550th anniversary of the Discovery of Cabo Verde by the Italian navigator, Antonio de Noli. An International Congress was convened on 18 Sep 2010 here, in the Ancient Maritime Republic of Noli, Italy, at which time we determined that Antonio de Noli was the official discoverer of the first Cabo Verde Islands in 1460, becoming in 1462 the first Cape Verdean settler, who established and governed the first European city in the tropics. These historical events are believed to be the beginning of the period generally known as “The Discovery Age”.


During this initial phase of the “Discovery Age”, Antonio de Noli made major contributions to the discovery of the New World as well as the discovery of a new sea

route to India and the Orient, which opened up the water ways for globalization and modern day capitalism.

As a direct result of this new information, the Fondazione Culturale S. Antonio in Noli has published a new book that examines biographical aspects of Antonio de Noli and the role of his discoveries in the modernization of the New World. This book is based on research papers presented at the said congress and – considering the high relevance and international implications of such studes – I would strongly suggest that it should be a central reading reference in public schools and universities offering courses on the history of the New World and the Discovery Age.

The International Congress revealed many hidden facts about the discovery period that have been ignored by traditional historians for more than 550 years. This new information provides us with the first detailed report about the early Cape Verdeans and their role in the development of the modern world as well as the beginning of Hispanic American history.

I believe that this new information should be taught in the educational systems of the world if we are going to get a true and more accurate picture of the “Discovery Age”. This book also provides us with important details about the first documented multiracial society in the New World. Thus it is extremely important in helping us to better understand the world in which we live today.

It should also be noted that this research was conducted by the Antonio de Noli Academic Society with the participation of the Republic of Cabo Verde, the City Council of Noli and the Fondazione Culturale S. Antonio of Noli. The contents of this research are authorized by Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli, a direct descendant of Antonio de Noli of the noble Noli family with historic roots in Noli and Genoa. Professor de Noli is also the honorary president and founder of the Antonio de Noli Academic Society and genealogical research of his family tree represents an important undertaking in understanding the history of his famous ancestor. This event marks the first time in the history of the New World that a known society has been able to trace its roots directly to the discoverer and first resident who created the original society.

Based on this information which is supported by independent research by international experts from around the world, we here in Noli, believe that this book should be considered as the official version of theSindaco Ambrogio Repetto - Conv. Antonio de Noli 2010 discovery of Cabo Verde and that the ancestors of this archipelago, who are represented by both European and African elements, were the pioneers of the New World discoveries and opened up the world to the modern age.

This revolutionary new book also represents a valuable source of information for the study of many academic disciplines, for example, economics, topography, anthropology, astronomy, globalization, capitalism, international relations, political science, military science, philosophy, archaeology, the rule of law, religion, oceanography, ethnology, biology, sociology, multiculturalism, the history of the New World and probably still more disciplines not mentioned here.

The Mayor of the City of Noli, Sig. Ambrogio Repetto