Specific aims of the society are

  1. To conduct and promote research on historic and biographic aspects around the Genoese navigator Antonio de Noli, a discoverer of Cape Verde Islands. Emphasis will be done in those themes which deserve further historic clarification or have raised controversy in the absence of facts or in their interpretation.
  2. To conduct and promote research on the impact the discoveries of navigator de Noli and his Italian counterparts in the XV century had on the archipelago of  Cape Verde and other territories, for Europe, and for the New World.
  3. To conduct and promote research on the societal institutions and socio-political structures in the early colonization processes and that were generated by the discoveries. These include for instance, the study of the development of slavery as means of production and enterprises of slave trade,  analyses of cultural developments (such as the Creole culture), and the study of sociological and socio-anthropological factors in the base of the cultural-identity formation of the new nations, with emphasis in the inhabitants own values and cultural production.

 The promoting of the aims above are served at the society   by means of

  • Partly by the own research of its scholarly members
  • Partly by the engagement of its members in educational activities, conferences, lectures, etc.
  • Partly by the institution of a bi-annual research prize for novel works on the subjects as above
  • Partly through the institution of a honorary distinction to confer upon official or private personalities which in a valuable fashion have endorsed the activities of the society