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conference venue villa maltaPictures below: 1) Alberto Peluffo, president of the A de Noli Acad Soc. & Marcello Ferrada de Noli, honorary president. 2) Leonardo de Sanctis & Marco Massoni (NCC-CCN), and Marco Claudio Vozzi, Deputy Director for the  Sub-Saharian African countries at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 3) Manuel Amante da Rosa, Cape Verde Ambassador to Italy. Other participants depicted in the page Rome Conference on Cape Verde October 2014.

Press release conference CV Rome 17 oct 2014cr23-Alberto&Marcello


cr13-CV Ambassador

conf. program

President at CV univ

  • Presentation of the book “Da Noli a Capo Verde” in the book fair of Finale Ligure 13 April 2013 – Alberto Peluffo (editor of the Italian version) & Marcello Ferrada de Noli (author). Click on the images below for the videos

Alberto in Finale Ligure2

Video above produced and edited by Luciano Marmi, Serra Riccò (Genoa)


APeluffo & CManzino 20April

Presentazione 20 Aprile 2013 - Noli

  • July 10th, 2012. Proceedings of the Conference of the Board of Directors of the Antonio de Noli Academic Society celebrated in the City of Noli on July 5th 2012:
    • Prof. Alberto Peluffo, the former Major of the City of Noli and author, was elected by the Board of Directors new President of the Antonio de Noli Academic Society (2012-2013) on the 5th of July 2012.
    • Lifetime Honorary President –  The Board of Directors of the society announced on the 6th of July from the City of Noli that Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli has been voted Lifetime Honorary President of the Antonio de Noli Academic Society. The communication, signed by Vice Chairman Marcel Balla read: “Dear Marcello de Noli, On 5 Jul 2010, a meeting of the Board of Directors convened in the city of Noli, Italy.  Your formal resignation as President of the Antonio de Noli Academic Society was accepted by the board. Nevertheless, the board voted unanimously to retain you in the position of Lifetime Honorary President. It must be noted that the board recognized the incredible services that you rendered as founder of the Society. It has been a great honor for all of the board members to work with you and wish good  health and a prosperous future.”
  • December 23rd, 2011. Sad news from Sweden. The President and founder of the society Marcello Ferrada de Noli suffered a vascular accident and is now treated at the Stroke Unit of Ystad Hospital, in Sweden. Announces resignation in his post as president of the Society in personal communication to the BOD,
  • October 6th, 2010. Conference on Antonio de Noli discoveries “From Noli to Cape Verde”, 18-19 Sept 2010, in the city of Noli, Savona, Italy.  Click here for Pictorial (Read a Report by M. Balla on the Conference here in this link: Report City of Noli Conference 18 Sep 2010). The report is published also at (October 2010 Vol. 32 N0. 10)

Dott. Jose Edo. Barbosa, Prof. Corradino Astengo, Major Repetto,  Prof. Alberto Peluffo, Prof. Ferrada Noli, Prof. Trevor Hall


Picture above, Mr. Marcel Balla and the Ambassador of Cape Verde to Portugal Dott. Arnaldo Andrade Ramos.


Marcel Balla, the Ambassador of Cape Verde, and other colleagues attending his presentation

  • New video interview on the 550 anniversary celebration in Serra Riccò, Province of Genoa


City of Noli, 20th of August 2010. Ambassador Jose Edo Barbosa, Dr. Alberto Peluffo, Prof. Ferrada-Noli and  Prof. Mario Lorenzo Paggi during the last meeting in Noli. Organization meeting at the eve of the great event of September 17-19th (Photo: Ilaria Grillo)
  • Conference “Da Noli a Capo Verde”. New organization-meeting in Noli


  • TV-interview with the President of the Society by RAI 3. Excerpt of the interview in a documentary on Antonio de Noli, TGR-Liguria 8/5 2010 Youtube link