Here follows a sample of manuscripts found  in Genoa and Cesena, as well as in archives of Portugal or Spain. The Society keeps also photo-records of other manuscripts found in Italy or elsewhere. The manuscripts kepst at the Society’s archive are those relevant to Antonio de Noli biographical and historical aspects and to the De Noli descendants.            

Manuscripts sections:     i) Maps, ii) Genoa manuscripts [Valleregia in Serra Riccò, and Genoa City], iii) Cesena manuscripts, iv) Other           

 i) Maps  

The maps below show the place Genhoa (Genoa) in Africa’s West Coast,  name given by Antonio de Noli  during the explorations of those territories in the company of his son (this according to the Grande Enciclopedia Portuguesa. See source here). The maps where found in Portugal archives by Marcel Balla.            




ii) Genoa manuscripts

11-b. Archive at Valleregia Parish   

Manuscripts at the Valleregia Parish (Genoa – Serra Riccò),  Chiesa S. Marino. Click here for the Manuscripts at the Valleregia Parish  

The manuscripts show the lineage from Antonio de Noli in Valleregia  (1597) to Vittorio Joseph Noli (born in Valleregia 1881).  

Antonio de Noli  in Valleregia 1597, was a former member of the Cesena Council and a direct descendant of navigator Antonio de Noli and his son Simone de Noli, also member of the Council.  

De family name De Noli was changed to Noli in 1746 by a priest of name Balbi, in charge of the baptism records of Valleregia at the occasion the son of Stephano de Noli (Joseph Maria) was registered in the Parish (the 13th of March 1746). Soon after that event Balbi was replaced in the Valleregia Parish. The Genoese families De Noli and Balbi are reportedly have historically serious political differences. The Balbi family was a supporter of the French interests in Genoa and some decades before Gianpaolo Balbi was public executed in Genoa for high treason in favour of the French monarch. That year of 1746 two members of the de Noli family had been instead distinguished by the government of Genoa for military actions in the war against the Austrians, as recognised by manuscripts of that year in the University of Genoa recorded by Della Cella.  

A transcript from the Latin texts to Italian has been made by Dr. Ilaria Brigati and can be seen in Appedix 1 at the Research Bulletin articleVol. 1, Nr.4:  

Returning to Italy. Historic and genealogical research on Antonio de Noli’s family descendants in Cesena and Genoa 1497 – 1881” by Dr. Marcello Ferrada-Noli, Dr. Carla Rosetti, and Dr. Carla Brigati. Available on-line    

Click here in the link for the Manuscripts at the Valleregia Parish


 ii-b. Archives at Genoa City
Source of the manuscript (above) found in the City of
Genoa 9-04-2008
3 – 4. Id. Facsimile upper section, and lower (name index “Nicolo” – “Longhi”


The head of the library and a library officer review the material I found in Genoa 2008 
 Manuscript  found in Genoa referring:
(“Other Noli noblemen”).  



 “Antonietta de Noli, daughter of Bartolomeo de Noli”
(the brother of Antonio de Noli who followed him
to exile in Portugal and later Cape Verde). 
Apparently a Testament document.
Manuscript found in Genoa 9 of April 2008. Source, here below:















iii) Cesena manuscripts  

The de Noli in Cesena
Click on the images for larger view
The manuscript (end of fourteen hundreds) mention
for the first time the de Noli in Cesena 1490 (or 1498).
The entrie refers to Simone de Antonio Noli Biondi.
The denomination “Simone de Antonio Noli Biondi”
indicates Antonio Noli being the father.

This manuscript list the members of the Consiglio di Cesena (Cesena Council) by year 1505. Here is found  Simone de Noli Biondi (I), son of Antonio de Noli. The above is Page 202 of the manuscript collection Memorie della Famigle è della Cità di Cesena. I found the manuscript at the Biblioteca Malatestiana in Cesena on  the 5th of March, 2008. Here below is the all page, and a picture of the book:      


Coat of Arms of the Family Noli, as conserved
in the manuscript “Blasone Cesenate”
at The Biblioteca Malatestiana in Cesena.
The coat of arms of the de Noli carries the same
colours of  the coat of arms of Liguria, Genova,
and of the City of Noli.
Authorization on behalf of our family for the
personal use of the ancient Noli coat of arms
Manuscript with a drawing of the family Noli
coat of armas describing the heraldic
features. Red band and vipers in white background
Manuscript found by Dr. Carla Rosetti at the
Malatestiana Library in Cesena, February 2008
Antonio Noli di Traggia (o Teglia) buys his seat in the Consiglio
di Cesena (Cesena’s ruling organ)
paying to the City 156 D’oro. Year 1551. Source:
Page 222 of document here below:
Manuscripts 7-9 found by Carla Roseti (Biblioteca Malatestiana)
Received 17/2 2008
Antonio de Noli Biondi enters the Cesena Council 1556
(look at page 51, the column at the right)

Antonio de Noli finishes at the Cesena Council 1558.                   

Source: Page 73 of document here below:


 Facsimile of Mauro Verdone’s manuscript “Delle cose memorabile”
Fmily de Noli / Biondi reported “extinct” in Cesena.
Manuscript found by Carla Roseti (Biblioteca Malatestiana)
Received 19/2 2010